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  • Unitedsteel Hollow section factory is specialized in High frequency welded Hollow section, Submerged arc welded Hollow Section, Hot rolled and Cold drawn Seamless Hollow section exporting enterprises. Our factory had large type of cold bending hollow section steel GH200, GH300, GH450, and GH550 size.

    The main size is from SHS50*50 to SHS550*550mm, Thick is 2.5mm to 30mm

    The products are Square Pipe/tube, Rectangular Pipe/tube, low alloy Square Pipe/tube, Seamless Square Pipe/tube, Hot rolled Galvanized Square Pipe/tube and so on.

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  EN1522, MIL-A 46100D Armour Plate

  •  EN1522, MIL-A 46100D Armour Plate


    UNITEDSTEEL supplies a comprehensive range of Miilux Protection steels from 380 to 500 Brinell in thicknesses from 2.5 mm to 40 mm. Plates are ballistic tested meeting the standards of most international authorities including EN1522, MIL-A 46100D, and STANAG 4569. Stocks of Miilux Protection are held in our warehouses and distribution facilities.


    About Miilux Protection

    Miilux Protection is an established brand of protection steel with a global reputation for high quality and integrity. We can supply this specialist steel to the specifications below:



    Miilux Protection 380 
    Hardness 320 - 370HB
    Supplied from 6mm to 25mm thick 

    Miilux Protection 400 
    Hardness 360 - 420HB
    Supplied from 5mm to 40mm thick

    Miilux Protection 450 
    Hardness 420 – 480HB
    Supplied from 5mm to 40mm thick

    Miilux Protection 500 
    Hardness 480 – 540HB
    Supplied from 2.5mm to 40mm thick

    Miilux Protection 500T 
    Hardness 480 – 540HB
    Supplied from 2.5mm to 40mm thick


    Plate formats for all grades of Miilux Protection are available up to 6100 x 2500 mm


    If you have any other requirement for steel plate, please feel free to contact us.

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